Spanish Advertising Advantages

By English Spanish Media | January 20, 2023 | New Age Marketing

The Spanish advertising advantages of an English Spanish marketing strategy are immense. As the buying power and size of the Hispanic community within the United States grows every day, along with it grows the necessity to reach out to this key interest group. We’re here to help you develop a comprehensive Spanish-speaking audience with a bilingual language strategy. Here’s why Spanish advertising is right for you. 


Here’s why Spanish marketing is worth
the hype.

1. With Spanish Advertising, segment your audience successfully. 

Like everything in advertising, there have been significant changes to the Spanish ad industry in the last ten years. Given Google’s and Facebook’s ability to target the language settings of browsers, hitting a Spanish-speaking audience is as simple as a quick toggle. Combining this with all other industry-standard targeting tools, not only can you target a Spanish audience, you can target, for example, a 35-year-old Spanish-speaking woman who just purchased a house. Advanced segmenting is the key to making Spanish campaigns successful.

2. Advertising costs are lower in Spanish

Services like Google Ads factor in the competitiveness of an advertising term to determine the price and the CPC (cost per click) of the category. A huge advantage of advertising in Spanish is that your competitors most likely are not. This means that your odds of showing up as the first result for “Marketing Service” are low compared to your odds of showing up as the first result for “Servicio de Mercadotecnia.” The lower costs and competition of Spanish advertising mean that your saturation, CPC, and CPA rates will be high if managed correctly.

3. Consider the advantages of brand consideration and favorability

60% of primarily English-speaking Hispanics think companies should use Spanish to reach out to their audience. Reaching out with cultural relevance, accurate representation, and relevant services are key to making a Spanish-speaking audience feel included. Having a fully Spanish sales funnel from an initial ad spend to bilingual customer support creates a complete experience that is sure to build brand loyalty from a Hispanic base. Avoiding shortcuts helps you find authentic, long-term customers. Learn about why you should never use Google Translate.

4. Hispanics over-index on digital consumption (a huge advertising advantage)

U.S. Hispanics over-index for the amount of time spent on social networking sites, with 52% spending 1 or more hours per day (compared with 38% of non-Hispanic Whites) and 24% spending 3 or more hours per day (compared with 13% of non-Hispanic Whites). Advertising digitally to Spanish speakers is a no-brainer. With mass connectivity and a hunger for authentic and culturally relevant content, there is great potential in an underserved market.

5. There are specific channels that are underutilized in Spanish

Platforms that are essential to the Latinx experience are not only underutilized by businesses, they’re unknown. Whatsapp is the most popular messaging platform among the Latinx community; however, many businesses do not know that it exists. Everyone has listened to a Spanish radio station, but few businesses have considered that it’s affordable and a prime opportunity to connect authentically with the Hispanic community. Utilizing the correct channels and understanding said channels creates an authentic experience. Learn about why you shouldn’t use a WordPress translator for your web channel.

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