What is Hispanic digital marketing? 4 things to know.

By English Spanish Media | January 20, 2023 | New Age Marketing

Focusing on demographic shifts and multicultural relevance, Hispanic digital marketing is one of the most effective, yet underutilized, methods of reach Spanish-speaking Latinos. Hispanic digital marketing is paving the way for a more effective and equitable communication strategy. 

Hispanic marketing is building a more 
equitable world for businesses and nonprofits.

1. What is Hispanic digital marketing? Why does it matter?

Hispanic digital marketing refers to the deliberate targeting, segmenting, and advertising for a Spanish-speaking, Latino or Hispanic identifying population. Digital marketing refers not only to advertising through social and PPC platforms but understanding that Latinos utilize and index differently in digital spaces. Hispanic digital marketing means not just advertising in Spanish, but advertising through Spanish culture because, well, an ad without culture is just words. Without cultural relevance, there’s no real message and your audience responds as such. Learn about 5 Spanish Advertising Advantages.

2. Diversity gone digital

Deeply understanding the Latino population’s diversity and unique cultural makeup is as much of a prerequisite to Hispanic marketing as an intro to marketing course. Imagine trying to market to people in Belize or South Africa. Both these countries have English as their official language. However, the absence of cultural knowledge would make an effort like this ineffectual. Segmenting not just Spanish, but the audience you’d like to reach in Spanish, is key to connecting with your real audience.

3. Art style is important for Digital Hispanics

Culture, of course, is not limited to words. Art and design styles are one of the first ways to showcase inclusion to your audience. Latino culture is vibrant. A corporate art style just isn’t compatible with this fact. Pay special attention to any stock photography used and avoid corny “minority” photos.


More than colors, let’s talk about ad organization. The industry standard for bilingual publicity is a large English headline with a translated Spanish headline underneath. While this is better than nothing, what is the message that is being sent? With English dominating an ad and Spanish tucked away as an afterthought, it’s clear what the priority is. Having an ad that is just in Spanish, or an ad with parallel English and Spanish will draw attention from your Spanish audience.

4. Hispanic marketing is all about using the correct channels


Hispanic marketing is all about using the correct channels
The buzz about digital Hispanic marketing is warranted but lacks full consideration. While Spanish speakers over-index on many social platforms, this just doesn’t tell the whole story. Social platforms are not monoliths. You may be advertising in Spanish on Facebook, but is an organic presence considered within groups (an area where Latinos specifically over-index)? You may be generating Messenger leads on Facebook, but have you set up Whatsapp business as Whatsapp is used by more than 30,000,000 Latinos in the United States?


While digital is growing every day, it’s still important to consider that over-indexation on digital is more prevalent in certain Latino demographics than others. A media staple of older generations, especially first-generation Latinos, are Spanish radio stations. These are cost-effective and smart contact points to reach and saturate older generations. Learn about why multicultural marketing is important.


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