Why is multicultural marketing important?

By English Spanish Media | August 10, 2021 | Insights

The modern consumer is diverse and proud. How can you take steps to reach your future audience? Implementing your multicultural marketing solution can help you be prepared for today and tomorrow. This type of marketing is not simply culture baiting or tokenization, but is using cultural relevance to create a powerful and ever connecting message.

Multicultural marketing reaches DEI targets while improving your efficiency.

1. Multicultural marketing helps with authentic connections

Any English as a second language (ESL) speaker will realize if you’re using Google Translate or partial translation in two seconds. Doing more than translating helps you succeed. Multicultural marketing is about understanding your audience and then creating an authentic connection through the lens of culture. English Spanish Marketing means meeting your audience where they’re located to position the value of your brand. Implementing a team that matches your multicultural audience is one of the most important things you can do to build this connection.

2. Multicultural marketing will help establish the soul and consciousness of your brand

A well-executed multicultural marketing campaign does more than sell, it positions your brand where less socially aware brands dare venture. The Latinx community responds more positively towards your brand when native Spanish is used. Creating a safe space within your brand for a diverse audience is important to building your brand’s loyalty.

3. You’ll be ahead of demographic trends

There are currently 45,000,000 active Spanish speakers in the United States and by 2050, this number will grow to 138,000,000 speakers. A marketing strategy that can reach what will be ⅓ of the United State’s native tongue is essential. Large organizations are prepared for this. Fortune 500 brands like Amazon and Google utilize multilingual marketing strategies in their core marketing efforts. More than population size, the purchasing power of the Latinx community is increasing as well. Read more about Hispanic marketing

4. Paid search gets a boost with native Spanish marketing

As digital marketing experts know, a PPC ad service like Google Ads factors in the competitiveness of keywords when showcasing your advertising. To take advantage of this, a PPC strategy in Spanish not only is helpful to reaching an important and less competitive audience. A full funnel experience from PPC to beautiful, culturally relevant landing page is key to converting a Spanish-speaking client. Learn about 5 Spanish Advertising Advantages

5. We make multicultural marketing affordable

If an English Spanish marketing strategy is expensive, it’s being done wrong. A multicultural marketing strategy is an extension of your brand and marketing effort, not anything completely new. Using a multicultural marketing strategy that isn’t authentic to your brand or that isn’t adding direct value to your multicultural consumer isn’t worth it. It’s not enough to just have Spanish, how is it that you’re adding value through a cultural lens to your audience?

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