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Expanding The Reach Of An Immigration Nonprofit

De Paz

Casa De Paz is a Aurora-based nonprofit that supports families destroyed by ICE detention. To help them connect with their international community of refugees, we created a multilingual infrastructure and increased their online presence with Google Grants.

Translation, Web Design, Web Development, Google Grants

While we focus in Spanish translation, we coded a custom language toggle that allows the Casa De Paz website to easily switch between six different languages.


translate button

1. Translation

A custom widget designed for Squarespace turns a notoriously difficult to translate website platform into a user-friendly multilingual portal.

2. Volleyball

Revamping the Casa’s volleyball program, their new landing is a designated place for external traffic curious about volleyball that might not aware about immigrant justice. This program raises awareness and funds for the Casa.

3. Google Grants

Google Grants is a program that offers $10,000 in free advertising to nonprofits. After handling the registration, creation and optimization of their ad account, the Casa received 500+ clicks at an 11.50% conversion rate to generate 22 conversions, including large donations.


1000 %
Paid Search Traffic

With Google Grants, there was a 1,323% increase of visitors to the site in our first three months of management.


The website’s 6 translated languages reflect the needs of their diverse migrant community.

30-Day Traffic

Translating the website and running Spanish-specific campaigns led to 243 new visitors.