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Helping Nonprofits Succeed In The Digital Space


Google Grants Management is a company that offers registration, management, and bilingual execution of the Google Grants program. Through them, nonprofits pay $500 and receive $10,000 in advertising.

Logo Design, Branding, Web Design, Web Development

The Google Grants Management page serves as a destination for nonprofits that are curious about the Google Grants program and are looking for management or registration assistance. Featuring bright colors and nonprofit-relevant imagery, it’s a celebration of those looking to make a difference. 


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1. Logo and branding

The GGM logo loosely represents two G’s and an M and have been pushed together to showcase a person giving a hand to another. Generosity and selflessness are the core of the brand.

2. Web design and development

The website was crafted to feel comfortable as possible for nonprofits with limited budgets. 

3. Client outreach

We developed an outreach strategy to connect GGM with local nonprofits through promotional offers and easy-to-understand reporting.

Behind The Scenes

We started with some free-form sketching to play with shapes, figures and alignments.

We were inspired by really cute photography that felt authentic and not too stock.


The mobile-first design of the website is ideal for nonprofit leaders on the go. Content is structured in easy to understand bullets



The final webpage features a simple, modern design.

We designed 8 logos for the client to pick from.


We designed custom icons that simplify a complicated digital marketing tool.

Typography & Color

We selected fonts that communicate softness and kindness.


The logo and company feel like giving a hug.

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80 %
Approval Rating

100% of Google Grant Management’s clients have been approved for the grant.


The company succeeds through English and Spanish offerings.

Local Nonprofits Served Month

With 4 clients signing up in the first month, the brand paid for itself.