Grupo 3

Making The Real Estate Market More Fair


Working with the dynamic Joshua Lopez, we developed the branding, website and paid promotion strategy for one of Washington’s most successful young real estate agent.

Logo Design, Branding, Web Design, Web Development,
Social Media, PPC

Many businesses get stuck using Squarespace and can’t adapt to their business goals. We created a new multilingual website that makes it easy for the diverse Seattle community to partner with an excellent realtor.


Grupo 935

1. Logo and branding

The Bilingual Agent logo features a speech bubble and a house to represent cultural understanding and communication.

2. Web design and development

We build a website that features an English and Spanish side so culturally relevant information can be forefront.

3. Client outreach

Running bilingual lead generation campaigns, we generated class sign ups and leads.

Behind The Scenes

We started with a sketch to explore creative concepts

We were inspired by the bright colors of Seattle; from the city to the forest. We developed several moodboards to direct the client’s brand.

Several diferent logos that explore the relationship between real estate and communication were developed.



The final webpage features a sleek design connotative of the high-end real estate market.


We designed custom icons that give flexibility to the brand.

Typography & Color

We selected fonts that communicate an accessible sophistication.


80 %
Rentention Increase

The bounce rate of the website decreased significantly
after its redesign.


The website is completely bilingual with relevant information in
English and Spanish.

Number Of Different Classes

We promoted 12 different classes betweem English and Spanish.